Simple Fried Rice

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Fried Rice is always be the favourite dish for most Indonesians. It's hardly to find someone who doesn't like it.

Since most of us make the dish in urgency hours or whenever we're lazy to cook a complete meal (well, not always like that but mostly.. ;-p), the simpler the method of preparation is the better.

Couple days ago I was chatting with my friend in Jakarta right after I had my breakfast. We had an intense conversation (funny, I don't even remember what was the topic ;-p) when finally I feel very hungry and I realize it's almost lunch time..!

So this is what she suggest me to get the instant but delicious lunch. The Fried Rice was a perfect one for me. It's simple and easy to make and the taste is excellent. You can add whatever you have in your refrigerator to the rice. Vegetables are always the best choice. But of course diced chicken, prawns or chooped meatballs will make the fried rice taste more delicious. Try this one.

2 portion/plates of cooked white rice
2 garlic, smashed roughly
3 eggs, lightly beaten
1 medium size carrot, dice into small cubes
1/2 cup frozen green peas
salt as you desire
white pepper powder
1 tbsp soy sauce ( you can use salty or sweet soy sauce, as you desire)

Heat a little oil in a pan, toss garlic until the aroma comes out. Add the beaten eggs and stir fast on high flame follow by vegetables and stir fry them for some times (if you like, no need to over-cooked the vegetables).

Add to the mixture salt and white pepper powder, mix well. Then pour in cooked rice, stir all and make sure there is no lumps of rice. Add soy sauce, mix well. Let it cook for few minutes without stirring. Remove from flame and serve hot.

If you wish to add diced chicken or prawn, and them after tossing garlic. Make sure they all cooked before you add the eggs. Enjoy...

21 Responses to Simple Fried Rice

  1. Mrs. K

    Fried Rice looks good.
    Good to see that you are enjoying Indian Cuisine.

  2. Mrs. K

    And who said you are not expert in cooking? I was going through your archives, and boy! you make such wonderful stuff. They all look perfect and beautiful.. You should think about deleting that sentence from your profile! :)
    Me from kerala too, but now in the US. Nice to meet you.

  3. Lisa

    To rp

    Thanks for dropping by :-)
    Well, I am not that expert as you see in this blog ;-p. You should see how many failed products from my kitchen.. hahaha.

    I visit your blog also a couple of time. From which part of Kerala are you..?

  4. jacob

    that looks great. i make a simpler version of fried rice. maybe i'll try your recipe the next time.

  5. Lisa

    simpler..? wow, i shouuld try yours then.. :-)

  6. Gattina Cheung

    My husband and I love fried rice too. YOurs is simple yet delicios! Yes, a bit of white pepper too!

  7. Mishmash !

    I love fried rice...esply the oned we get in chinese restaurants in Cochin :) That pic is quite tempting :)


  8. J

    Hi, Nice fried rice. I call this egg fried rice. Simple and quick to make isn't it! You have a nice blog here. :)

  9. Mahek

    i was so happy to read your blog , i discovered your blog today and saw that there was a lot of warmth in your way of writing which i liked.
    and for a indonesian girl to make such good indian food is creditable.
    i am going to go thro your whole blog and write about it again.
    i love to know more about other countries food and culture too and thro your blog i can know so much about indonesia too.
    keep posting

  10. Prema Sundar

    Hi Lisa,
    Iam new to ur blog ..came thru Nanditha's .. I went thru ur recipes and they all look very lovely..Egg fried rice looks wonderful.. and I loved the donuts .. they look so perfect

  11. Ashwini

    Lisa thanks for dropping by my blog. You have an amazing list of recipes already! I love south east asian food so I have bookmarked your indonesian recipes to try soon.
    It would be great if you could share road side food of Jakarta... I have heard its very delicious. Do you have something like roti prata (which I ate in Singapore)?
    Great job!

  12. Anonymous

    Hi Lisa! I just found out about your blog. My Mom is a Malaysian and my Dad an Indian, so I thought your story was quite similar! I love your recipes, very simple and delicious! Please post more Malay/Indonesian chicken dishes if possible, like Ayam Kicap, and Ayam Goreng, just love them!

    Thanks for linking to my site as well, I'm surely gonna link back to yours!

  13. Anonymous

    what a beautiful blog you have here. i have added it to my blogroll at


  14. Shilpa

    Hi Lisa,

    I'm new to your site, and can only imagine your kitchen with great envy, a fusion of Indonesian and Indian cooking! Wow! Potentially explosive combination!

  15. Nidhi

    Very colorful rice Lisa..Its a very impressive platter. Feel like eating some right now...Can I share some with you, please?? :)

  16. Lisa

    to Gattina
    Yes, I think everybody likes Fried Rice. As I wrote, the easier the better ;-p

    to Mishmash!
    Fried Ricein Cochin's Chinese Hotel..? I like it too...

    to Jyothsna
    Thanks for your nice words :-)

    to Mahek
    Really thanks for your nice words. Really makes me 'fly to the sky' haha...
    And yes, I would be very happy if I can promote Indonesian Foods to other blogger, especially non-indonesian bloggers. I'm very happy to know that you enjoy my writing. Keep in touch...

    to Prema Sundar
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I will come to visit your site as soon as possible.. :-)

  17. Lisa

    to Ashwini
    I always enjoy your blog. The pictures are beautiful.
    I hope I can post some of Indonesian delicious roadside food. It's a little difficult to get the ingredients here in Cochin. God, I miss those foods so much...

    to Meena
    Thanks Meena. I have tried some of your recipes, and they all turned out really good. And yes, Indonesia and Malaysia share a lot of common foods together...

    to Bee
    Thanks for adding me to your list. I will link back to you aalso

    to Shilpa
    I have visited yours... I like it. And thanks for adding me to your list.. I will do the same..

    to Nidhi
    Sure Nidhi, why not ;-p. Hope you will enjoy it as I did...

  18. Shilpa

    Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for adding me, that's such an honour! :)

  19. Anonymous

    Fried rice is the easiest and tasty dish . The picture looks perfect

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    Nice fried rice.i discovered your blog today and saw that there was lots of warmth in your way of writing which i liked..

  21. nose job

    Nice fried rice. you have a nice blog here. I love to learn more about other countries food and culture. Thanks for the information.