Take a Break

Posted by Lisa on Thursday, August 30, 2007.

Picture: Cenil (Indonesian Traditional Snack)

To all readers, if you didn't find any update in my blog this last 4 months, its because now we are on vacation in Jakarta (Indonesia). Hopefully we will back again in 2 - 3 months :)
Enjoy your visit here. And we will visit yours as soon as we get enough change.

15 Responses to Take a Break

  1. Anonymous

    Ramadhan Mubarak Lisa. The picture looks yummy, do tell us about it when u come back !!


  2. Sabita Sagi

    Hi Lisa , ur blog is an amazing melange is indian and indonesian recipes....njoyed a lot goin thru it...will keep dropping by often...this is my blog do drop in...take care...byeee...

  3. Kumudha

    I hope you're having a great time exploring India!

  4. CAO- Chef Azura othman

    It love the pictures ,they are vibrant and looks delicious.
    !Have a nice holiday in beautiful Indonesia and
    Salam perkenalan

  5. Icecoolmaiden

    pls come back and update ur blog

  6. Aparna Balasubramanian

    I just came across your blog, I'm not sure exactly where.
    I live in Kochi, too.
    Saw a lot of interesting recipes that I shall try out sometime.

  7. Anonymous

    Lisa where are you now and where did you stay in Cochin? You had visited my blog http://mtwardhafamily.blogspot.com a while back and so i found you.

  8. A. Ann

    Oh di Jkt toh? Met liburan yaaa..

  9. sefa firdaus

    Lis, apdet dong blognya...
    btw, aku link yaaaa

  10. Anonymous

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  11. Amina

    Hi, when will you come back?

    I would like to know about cenil?

  12. Unknown

    hi, please continue writing. I enjoy reading your blog and your recipes are great.

  13. Mommalina

    Mak, gw ada award bwt lu, check disini ya mak :

  14. WendyinKK

    I came across ur blog searching for steamed brownies.
    Ur blog and pictures are so pretty.
    It's a real pity that u've put blogging on hold.....

    Do continue... :)

  15. jakartatabloid

    great pic