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Yes, I make Adai for our breakfast at home ;-p. I don't want to say that this is the original Adai since I knew this food only after I moved to Cochin. Well actually, I never found Adai in Cochin home for breakfast. Don't know why. The most common daily breakfast here are puttu, idli, dosa and appam.

The first time I taste this was when I stayed a couple of days in my brother-in-law's house in Madras. His wife made this delicious breakfast one morning, and we (me and my husband) enjoy it very much. Guess what, Adai is even new for my husband..!!!

We called it simply as Dosa. After we had our breakfast, my sister-in-law show me how to make it. She showed me the 4 different dals she use to prepare it. And I found it very easy to make and it doesn't need a fermentation at all. It's a perfect dish for breakfast...!

So here it is... The original recipe of Adai (I found out that this is called Adai, after I browse on the internet ;-p) by my sister in law.

1 glass of white rice
1/4 glass of Thuvara Parippu (Toor Dal / Red Gram)
1/4 glass of Uzhunnu Parippu (Urad Dal / Black Gram)
1/4 glass of Cheru Parippu (Moong Dal / Green Gram)
1/4 glass of Kadala Parippu (Chana Dal / Bengal Gram)
enough water to make a batter
1/2 cup Muringakka leaves

Soak the grains and pulses for 4 hours or more. Later wash and grind them together by adding a little water. No need to ferment the batter. Add salt and Muringakka leaves. Mix well.

To make adai: heat a pan and pour little oil and then pour a ladle of the batter and with a spatula make it to a round shape. Cook only one side. Seve with coconut chutney.

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  1. Smitha

    Wow... they look very delicious. The protein packed tiffin is great with aviyal or with jaggery.
    I'm an Indian who grew up in Singapore, enjoying some of the best Southeast asian fares. Now i'm in the US, and do miss most of all the great food. I've been regularly visiting your blog and love the way you try to strike a balance between Indonesian and Indian cooking styles. Keep blogging!

  2. Anonymous

    i made this in the morning for breakfast and wow...its great, Thabks...i usualy visit your site...i have also done the fish biryani...and now i have started my own food blog...please visit my blog and giv me your comments sometimes..


  3. zlamushka

    I have never made or ate these before, ... I heard they are a bit of work for early morning, so says the lazy part of me :) But yours look like a time-saver...

  4. TBC

    Adai looks perfect!Looks really crispy.

  5. Ayut

    adai looks you have recipes roti prata and singapore i like eat roti prata with mutton curry.