Lemet (Ketimus)

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The third and also will be the last entry for "Proyek Cinta untuk Bunda Inong" is this recipe below. Bunda Inong called it as Lemet, but I knew it as Ketimus. This is one of Indonesian Traditional Snacks. Normally, it contains of tapioca, coconut and jaggery. But in this recipe modified by late Bunda Inong, using banana as filling.

500 grams tapioca, finely grated (or make a paste of tapioca)
100 grams fresh grated coconut
200 grams jaggery, finely chopped
1 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla powder (optional)
2 - 3 banana, cut into long pieces
banana leaves as required

Mix all the ingredients until well-combined. Take one sheet of banana leaf. Put one tablespoon of tapioca mixture and add one piece of banana. Wrap them by rolling the banana leaf and fold in both end of the leaf. Repeat wrapping process to the remaning mixture. Put all the wrapped lemet into a hot steamer, and steam for 40 - 50 minutes. Let it cool before serve.

- To make the work easier with the banana leaves, heat the surface of the leaves over a small flame. It will make it more soft and easy to fold without breaking it.
- To make the tapioca paste, you can cut them to small pieces and put it in a blender (food processor) instead of grate it.

Recipe Source: Lemet Pisang a la Bunda

4 Responses to Lemet (Ketimus)

  1. Sumitha

    Should we combine the banana pieces too ?

  2. Lisa

    No, you don't need to combine the banana pieces to the dough.
    When the dough is ready, just put 1 tbsp tapioca dough on a sheet of banana leaf. Then put one piece if banana and cover it with another 1 tbsp tapioca dough. Roll the banana leaf to wrap completely.

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